My latest book HELP ME. a modern ghost story, was published a week ago… but then, horror of horrors, I discovered that there was a blip in the upload to the Kindle site I was alerted by the Read Me section on the Amazon sales page where I found numerous splits in the lines…which led me to checking the whole upload…I was devastated by so many errors….the file I’d used was perfect! I attempted to correct these but my efforts didn’t work…so frustrating! I appealed to Amazon for help.

They came up trumps, and the amended edition was on the shelves yesterday.

Happy Reading! Please let me know what you think.








Last night, November 5th, was Bonfire Night in UK, when an effigy of Guy Fawkes is still burned on bonfires across England in recognition of his part in the failed ‘Gunpowder Plot’ way back in 1605 when he tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament. So last night there were bonfires aplenty and noisy fireworks traumatising the nations pets! I’ve had several dogs and cats over the years, and each one was petrified of loud bangs and fireworks and did their best to hid away.

My present cat, Alfie is made of sterner stuff. He is fascinated by my computer screen, so perhaps that is why he sat on the windowsill watching the fireworks in the sky. But when nearby neighbours’ lit their fire and sent off screaming rockets he leapt across the room and onto my lap…and hid his face.

new 5 nov 2014 003Poor Alfie, maybe tonight he will be able to relax in peace…but I don’t hold out much hope. Someone always seems to have fireworks left over from The Night, and when darkness falls the bangs will start again. Maybe raising the TV volume will solve it!



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I love dogs, and felt quite envious when a friend said she was planning to adopt one for Christmas. She showed me pages and pages of dogs looking for a Forever Home…Such hopeful wistful faces…I could have adopted them all, I miss having a dog around the house, but sadly I’m unable to go Walkies every day.

A few days later she emailed me a link…”I’ve found you the perfect dog!” she said.  “It doesn’t need exercise, but it can stand, stretch it’s legs and sit by you to give light to read your book. And it won’t bark and annoy the neighbours!”

COOLIO 2      coolio

I was quite taken with it. It’s cute. What do you think?

It’s craftsman made, one of a kind and available from Yorkshire… www.coolio.me  They have lots of interesting unusual things…have a look.

Cheers, Betty

November News Letter


Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

I’ve been busy working on two novellas, and the first, HELP ME, is going through its last read-through before publication on Amazon.

If you are a fan of supernatural fantasy, with a touch of humour, this is especially for you!

Chelsea, who works as Security at a supermarket, doesn’t know her house is haunted—until the ghost introduces himself. When she recovers from her fright, she is intrigued to find out that he needs her help. He was murdered in her house—and wants justice. He asks her to track down his murderer. His wife.

He looks like an ordinary man, good-looking, charming, courteous, and asks her to call him Ken. A reader of detective fiction, she decides she will try, and enlists the  help of Hamid, her assistant at work. He is spooked by Ken, and finds it hard to interact, but agrees to help.

As the story unfolds, Chelsea is confronted by the past she thought she had left behind—her shop-lifting mother—Is she involved in two major incidents at the supermarket?

Only one way to find out…I’ll let you know when the e-book hits the shelves!



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Hello again…


lamb fb]Hello, again, I’ve been absent the last few weeks working hard on a second new novel  CHURCH CLOSE, and have reached the halfway mark.  It is intended as the first book of a series. Whilst the idea was strong in my head, I decided to get it down on paper and put HELP ME, the ghost story I am also writing, on the back burner. I will get back to this one later…it is past the halfway mark and I have it mapped out to the end. Just need time, which is in short supply, as always! I have to take time off from writing, which I enjoy,  to work on publicity and book covers—and reading, playing the odd game to relax and meeting up with friends.

Until next time, cheers, Betty.

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fb clockI’ve stolen this from Face Book…today Sunday 26th March the clocks in UK are put forward an hour…making everything later than you thought….My children always found this confusing and would argue black was white when I said it was bedtime at nine o’clock. It was only eight o’clock really, and not fair!

Now to alter all my clocks…

History of British Summer Time.

It was first established by the Summer Time Act 1916,  after a campaign by builder William Willett. His original proposal was to move the clocks forward by 80 minutes, in 20-minute weekly steps on Sundays in April and by the reverse procedure in September. This sounds even more confusing than the present system!  In 1916 BST began on 21 May and ended on 1 October. Mr Willett never got to see his idea in action as he died early in 1915.

In 1940, during the second world war  the clocks in Britain were not put back by an hour at the end of summer. In subsequent years, clocks continued to be advanced by one hour each spring and put back by an hour each autumn until July 1945. During these summers, therefore, Britain was two hours ahead of GMT and operating on British Double Summer Time (BDST). The clocks were brought back in line with GMT at the end of summer in 1945. In 1947, due to severe fuel shortages, clocks were advanced by one hour on two occasions during the spring, and put back by one hour on two occasions during the autumn, meaning that Britain was back on BDST during that summer. During the second world altering the clocks gave farmers a longer working day, thus boosting food production.

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483607_562772729619_1083422682_n 2013


Where have I been? Don’t ask!

Bogged down with writing and publicity and health issues…the days ran into each other and whizzed past, almost unnoticed, until my birthday arrived. Another year gone by. Where does the time go? A question I ask myself almost daily when To-Do list gets longer instead of shorter…

My new novel HELP ME, a ghost story, is coming along nicely, although the title may change, and I’m already seeking a good cover. Which brings me back to my last publication, TADPOLES, set in a war torn 1940…I’m now unhappy with the cover and plotting to supply a new one. That’s the trouble with writing…as I’ve said before, there are so many peripherals which need attention. Dealing with those cuts down on the fun of story telling…

Until next time, Betty.

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PS See the little like box below the book covers? That’s right, keep scrolling down…Why not let me know if you like or dislike what you have just read? The larger box ‘Leave a reply’ is for your comments. I’m  always pleased to hear from my readers…


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I’ve been putting it off for a week, admitting that I’ve failed to keep my New Year Resolutions.

I’m back to playing computer games, usually Mahjong, Solitaire and Jewel Star, more often than I should. My excuse is that it helps me relax, allows my brain to subconsciously progress with my new novel. Yeah, that’s coming along nicely, thank you! Then there’s my Diary. After two weeks my daily entries have slipped to one a week and as for my Blog—It’s pretty obvious that I’ve dropped behind with that, too.

There aren’t enough hours in the day to fit in all the ‘Keep-everything-going’ things. My printer  unexpectedly decided not to print as instructed. Now fixed. An internal blip on my Blog is harder to fix as I’m still tracking it down—and I’m not happy with the cover on my recently published novel TADPOLES. And then there’s promoting my books to think about, and time spent with my Writing Group, plus friends who drop in for coffee and cakes. Busy, busy, busy!

Until next time, cheers…Betty.

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Photo by courtesy of lusi rgbstock.com


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I’m sharing my local paper’s photo of yesterday’s sunrise in West Yorkshire, UK. It heralded gale force winds, gusting at 90mph in places which blew down trees and disrupted road and rail services. High sided vehicles were banned on the nearby M62 motorway over the Pennines to Lancashire. It also blew a bad weather front our way– today has been grey and cold with rain and sleet. One of the perks of being retired is that I no longer have to battle my way to work in all weathers—you probably know how it goes, you watch the snow coming down and wonder how the ****you’re going to slither home. And do it again the next day! Now I can stay indoors, warm and cosy. But roll on Summer, I’d rather sit outside in the sun!

I’m progressing slowly with my next novel. I’ve set the scene of my heroine’s problems, which of course, multiply when she’s least expecting it. She’ll have to wait for my help because I have an internal glitch on my website to solve, and I suppose that must come first!

 Keep visiting….cheers, Betty.


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My house looks very bare now  The Twelve days of Christmas are over. January 6th is my late father’s birthday and we always left the trimmings in place for his special day. He died a long time ago, but I still I still follow this family tradition. Alfie, my cat, is glad he no longer has to share the windowsill with a Christmas tree. He would nudge it along until I moved it and then, satisfied I’d taken note of his dislike, he’d abandon the windowsill for my lap. No doubt I was softer to settle on for his nap!

I’ve still got Christmas goodies left…Chocolates, a bottle of wine and my favourite shortbread biscuits, perfect for quiet nights in watching TV, ignoring the cold weather. And a Christmas cake which is too prettily trimmed to eat! Oh, and two mince pies and a dish of nuts!

As for my New Year Resolutions. I’m doing very well. Diary entries up to date, playing less computer games and my new novel is progressing nicely.

 I hope that your new year is starting well, too.

Cheers, Betty.

Photo by courtesy of Abyla rgbstock.com


The_Pram_CS Cover_for_KindleSHIFTING SHADOWSFront_Cover[1]THE ESSAY GRANDMAthe cottage option 3Child of Misfortune front coverMan in the mirror v.1mailFEAR v2digital_book_thumbnail-tadpoles