SHIFTING SHADOWS is a contemporary ghost story.

A new job in a new town is the fresh start Matt and his family are looking for. When they discover the house of their dreams, a beautifully ornate Victorian building standing in extensive grounds, is within their reach, their future looks secure. But appearances are deceptive. Their dream house is already occupied. Sinister shadows of those who have gone before lay in wait for another new family to move in … waiting to re-enact the past again … seeking vengeance for past wrongs …
With trouble brewing at work from a hostile workforce trying to discredit him, Matt is relieved to go home to his family each evening … but home becomes a deadly retreat … Strange things start happening and Matt begins to doubt his sanity. He often has the unmistakable sensation of watching eyes, of someone … or something … hovering menacingly just out of sight … Whispering indistinct voices disturb him in the night … and then there are the footsteps … Matt tries to find logical reasons … But when his two young children begin acting oddly he has to face up to his fear and protect them from a violent presence he cannot see …


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