DECEPTION UNLIMITED, my new novel is available on Kindle, and also in paperback.

It is a completely different genre from The Pram and Shifting Shadows.

In other words, no ghosts.

Enter the crazy world of Thomasina Bennett.



IMAGINE you’re sitting next to a stranger on a long haul flight…

        IMAGINE you can feel menacing vibes which make you feel afraid…

        IMAGINE you find a bound and gagged pup in your holdall…

This happens to Thomasina…and her whole life changes.

The dark-suited businessman in the adjoining seat ignores her. But she can feel an ominous tingle. He spends the long flight in brooding silence.  She is unaware he has switched holdalls until she finds the bound and gagged pup—

Not wanting to hand the pup over to a sadistic owner, she runs.

Back home with her family, she keeps the dog’s history a secret.

Life returns to normal — if she disregards the blips of her employer’s change of business and her attraction to a local villain which complicates the on-off relationship with her boyfriend.

Her tranquillity shatters when her brother mentions a stranger is in the neighbourhood.

A stranger looking for a girl and a dog…

It becomes evident that no one is as they seem and everyone is hiding a secret.

Thomasina realise s her life is in danger when a lookalike girl is attacked.

Plane Man is back on her trail

Evading Plane Man becomes a matter of life or death …


The attacked girl is the catalyst which causes Thomasina’s life to unravel.

Her mother’s secret, deeply hidden in the past, is revealed.










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