Whilst holidaying alone in the Las Vegas, Melandra, only child of a billionaire, meets an over-friendly woman and her son, Troy. Melandra, warned by her father to keep her background private as people are always after money, is cautious. However, these people hint at a connection to the richest family in America…and the son is very handsome and charming. Soon Melandra is trapped in a ramped up hard sell of romance. An Elvis lookalike marries Troy and bedazzled Melandra in a small chapel with a white picket fence. Every girl’s dream, coos his mother.
On her wedding night, Troy goes to get her favourite ice cream—and doesn’t come back.
Melandra waits for him in vain, and when she discovers her credit cards are maxed, she realises she has been conned.
She doesn’t want to admit her catastrophic mistake, or her debts, to her father, the managing director of a bank. She tries to track down Troy, but is unsuccessful. Determined to settle her debts herself, she resorts to shoplifting—and gives a false name when caught.
She is horrified to receive a custodial sentence. She had expected to be home for lunch.
In prison, Melandra has two major concerns— remembering to respond to her false name, and sending a deceiving message to her busy-busy mother before her absence from home is noticed. The latter proves impossible…and problems mount.
Melandra is proud of her ability to deal with any situation at the drop of a hat, but this skill is taxed to the limit when her biggest problem of all occurs…Troy’s mother is an inmate of the prison, under a different name.
This woman is a link to Troy… but a ticking bomb re Melandra’s false identity.
How will she deal with this situation?

Child of Misfortune front cover


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