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Daniel teaches at a local high school with a rough reputation. He is amused when one of his new pupils, Jackson, tells him his Gran is a witch, and he is a reincarnation. His amusement changes to alarm when he reads the ‘What I like best’ essays he had set the intake class.

Jackson wants to get rid of his Gran, and his essay seems like an invitation to murder. However, Daniel decides it’s just hot air, bucking authority, par for the course—but wishes he’d gone to the police when Gran is found dead on school premises and her grandson, Jackson, is missing.

Police searches fail to find him, but Daniel, more tuned-in to the ways of small boys, is successful. Jackson is wet, cold, hungry—and afraid. He insists Them are out to get him. Daniel doesn’t understand what he means, but promises to keep him safe. A promise which turns his life upside down.

When under stress Jackson briefly returns to a former life—and there is plenty of that, because Them actually do exist—and are dangerous.

A fellow teacher is attacked, and attempts are made on Daniel’s own life, which puts his girlfriend and Jackson in danger.

There are numerous twists and turns as Daniel tries to keep one step ahead of his unknown enemies”




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