Hi, Everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and New Year celebrations…

Now Christmas is behind me and the New Year is underway, I’ll give you a brief rundown of my January plans…I’ve crossed keeping a day-by-day Diary from my Resolutions list this year. I invariably fail, and after a couple of months the daily entries peter out and my Diary reverts to an appointments book. Shame on me!

I will however write something everyday…no problem at all. Either a continuation of a novel or a snippet for this Blog…

As you know, HELP ME is now in print form, and the intrepid trio of Chelsea, Hamid and Ken are already drifting around in my head looking for adventures…Then there’s CHURCH CLOSE on the cusp of becoming an e-book. Computer issues have held me up for a couple of weeks, and I’ll risk tempting fate and report that they’re solved now. Touch wood, fingers crossed, etc!

Church Close is currently being polished and re-edited and will be on Kindle this month…

Regards, Betty





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